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Toronto Warriors

Local advanced prostate cancer support group in Toronto, ON.

Life on ADT

The ADT Educational Program is a free 1.5-hour session during which patients and loved ones will:
-Learn about side effects of ADT
-Learn how to manage side effects
-Complete goal setting exercises to teach you how to manage ADT side effects


ProstAid Calgary offers monthly support group meeting featuring health specialists and a monthly journal - The Daily Examiner.


UroToday provides, free, accurate, time-based content including original research, case studies, articles, and more, to support healthcare providers.

Calgary Warriors

Local advanced prostate cancer support group in Calgary, Alberta

Clinical Trials

Prostate cancer clinical trials available in Canada including filtering by province, by drug, by city and more.


Prostatepedia features informal conversations with doctors, patients, and activists about prostate cancer.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

American NCCN guidelines for advanced stage prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program

The PCSC Program is a clinical, educational, and research-based approach to care, addressing the challenges of decision-making and coping. One of their 7 modules focuses specifically on advanced disease management.


Thorough resource on advanced prostate cancer. Malecare is an American cancer survivor support and advocacy national nonprofit organization.

IRONMAN registry

An International Registry for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer


PubMed® comprises more than 33 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

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