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Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Advanced Prostate Cancer

A virtual, nationwide prostate cancer support group to meet the unique needs of advanced prostate cancer patients through the sharing of information and support.

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The Advanced Prostate Cancer support group meets monthly over Zoom on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm Pacific (7:00 pm Eastern).

New participants will be given priority to discuss their experiences. Partners and support people are welcome, and encouraged, to join.

No medical advice is provided. Participants are asked to keep their sharing to their experiences and to vetted resources. 

Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Advanced Prostate Cancer


– cancer that has spread (metastatic)
– castrate-resistant cancer (no longer responds to first-line ADT)
– a high-risk or complex cancer diagnosis


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Frank Altin

I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2008 and have undergone various treatments including radiation, ADT, several second-line antiandrogen medications, and more recently, chemotherapy. I’ve been involved with ProstAid Calgary since 2012 as a volunteer and facilitated their Warriors’ Group (men with advanced prostate cancer) meetings for many years.

I often respond to inquiries from newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients seeking information, support, and fellowship. I understand and have experienced the stresses prostate cancer presents to men and their families. In dealing with my cancer, I’ve had to navigate the health care system for 14 years…sometimes not an easy task. I’ve learned the importance of advocating for one’s care and the need to remain current on new treatment options.


Thomas Flannery

My journey started in 2011 when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. Over the last 11 years, my treatment has consisted of surgery, a radical prostatectomy, and lymph dissection, followed by hormone therapy. Then I had an additional lymph dissection and later chemotherapy. I am currently on hormone therapy again. My disease is advanced metastatic in nature and is primarily located in my thoracic lymph system, although lately there has been some spread to the pleura.


My science background and general inquisitive nature have been useful attributes to assist in navigating the complex landscape of prostate cancer and permitted me to communicate very effectively with the myriad of health care professionals on my journey – and to assist others whenever possible.

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Philip Zacarias

In February of 2016, I began my advanced prostate cancer journey. I have a family history of prostate cancer. Therefore, I had been getting my PSA checked regularly before I was diagnosed. My father passed away from the disease, and many of my uncles, as well as my younger brother, have been diagnosed with it.

I have undergone numerous treatments including androgen deprivation therapy, chemotherapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound. In addition to these treatments, I have adapted my lifestyle to include aerobic and weight training, as well as adopting a semi-Mediterranean diet. These lifestyle habits are proven to be beneficial for prostate cancer patients. I feel as though my experiences will enable me to be there for other men as they navigate their prostate cancer journey.

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